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Our customized project management and project collaboration training programs are developed for different management levels and are suited to tackle the most critical challenges that hinder your project's performance.

Program participants will be equipped with the necessary competencies
and tools to successfully deliver projects and drive organizational impact.

For Executives

who seek increased productivity, and project efficiency in their organization 

For Team Leaders and Project Managers

– who seek development of project management skills, collaborative teams, and improved communication 

For HR and Educators

– who seek a tool to complement training and development activities 

What are the benefits?

  • Strengthen leadership skills and style
  • Improve self-awareness and development 
  • Capable of running big and complex projects successfully 
  • Increase project efficiency and productivity
  • Improve communication
  • Strengthen collaboration
  • Greater problem resolution
  • Strengthen stakeholder alignment and drive change across the organization 

Project Collaboration

Collaboration is becoming more embedded in how we work, particularly as teams and organizations globalize and projects become more complex.

Project Managers & Project Participants


English, German, Danish

In the program, participants challenge their team dynamics and management skills by working interactively and hands-on together in various teams to successfully deliver a project. This fuels the collaboration and increases the awareness of how to successfully work together in a fun, intensive, and experiential environment.

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Introduction to
Project Management

Knowing how to successfully manage a project from start to finish is a highly demanded and transferrable skill that can provide significant advantages when leveraged properly.

New Project Managers or University Classes

Virtual or In-person

English, German, Danish

The program caters to new or junior project managers providing them with an understanding of the foundation of project management and a range of tools and techniques that are applied in a practical setting during the course. Participants may also be awarded publicly recognized ECTS points for participation.

Project Leadership

Project leaders go beyond the mechanics of managing a project – they must face the challenge of being a strategist, setting the project’s direction, aligning people throughout the organization, and motivating the team.

Senior Project Managers

Virtual or In-person

English, German, Danish

The program is targeted at highly skilled project managers that already have an extensive toolbox within project management, and where the focus is transitioned to developing leadership competencies. Through this training project managers will develop their leadership, and personal skills with a focus on how they can create meaningful and strong results in their organization.

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