Project Excellence

There is a continued need to further develop the project leadership competencies in all companies. Business Learning constructed a program together with danish companies where the aim is to strengthen project leaders who dare to take the right decisions for the companies and their project at any given time.

The learning goals are to bring the leadership element of project management to the next level recognized by management, utilizing experimental action learning while strengthening the project culture at the companies to secure effective and efficient project execution. An important factor is to foster the relationships between project leaders to enable knowledge sharing and to further build the professional level, and work systematically and consciously with development and learning for effective performance impact.

Successful transformations must be led by an ecosystem of leaders across the entire organization including the project leaders. The program is there for targeted to the exact needs of project leaders and provides a space to co-develop with other project leaders facing similar challenges.

Participant quote from Peder Pedersen, Project Director at LEGO

“Excellent program for self-evaluation, reflections, sparring with peers, and personal development. Probably one of the best programs I have participated in. It gives a whole new way of looking at your stakeholder and lead a project”.

The participants are over a time period of a year, challenged to work with learning areas based on their own projects. Before and after each of the 5 modules the Project Leaders prepare readings and tasks to implement the learning. After the first three modules two leaders from the companies management set the direction for performance and expectation for continued Project Leadership in the company. The participants later work in network teams how to fulfill their promise to the companies management.