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Every organization needs daring innovation that challenges the status quo.

In collaboration with our award-winning partners from ExperiencePoint, we run Design Thinking workshops and training programs with a human-centred approach to innovation that helps companies around the world transform their workplaces, drive financial growth, and blaze paths to success. These workshops are designed to put learnings into practice—whether you’re looking to reinforce the concepts of innovation or jump into an innovation project of your own. 

For Executives

who seek innovation, and sustainable business results 

For Team Leaders

– who seek a structured approach to innovation, employee engagement and team collaboration

For HR and Educators

– who seek a tool to complement training and development activities

What are the benefits?

  • Increase innovation and business performance
  • Increase competitiveness
  • Better understand and serve customer needs
  • Strengthen team collaboration
  • Improved adaptability
  • Stimulate strategic thinking
  • Increase employee engagement


All employees and leaders

Virtual or In-person

English, Danish

Participants attain a broad overview of the fundamental skills necessary to apply the powerful practice of human-centered innovation to a product, service, process, business model, or in their day-to-day work. Our facilitators drive interactive and engaging workshops supported by a mobile simulation focused on the mindsets and habits of design thinkers. 

Innovation All 02 Buinesslearning.Dk
Innovation All 03 Buinesslearning.Dk


02. Learn 03 Buinesslearning.Dk
02. Learn 02 Buinesslearning.Dk

All employees, leaders, and strategic partnerships


English, Danish

Ideal for individuals and teams looking to both learn and practice a human-centered approach to innovation. Participants are guided through a realistic innovation project with our highly engaging facilitators and simulation, which provides a safe space and structured method to apply learnings. Participants leave the program able to immediately use a range of our proven approaches in their daily work and organizational initiatives.


All employees, leaders, and innovation specialists

Virtual or In-person

English, Danish

Participants tackle a pressing innovation challenge of their own and learn how to solve complex business problems in a guided and structured way, reducing cost, risk, and time and avoiding the costly missteps that often arise when people or organizations are getting started with innovation. This workshop is an immersive experience and is for employees and leaders responsible for the execution and sustainment of innovation work.

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03. Apply 02 Buinesslearning.Dk

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