Driving the critical development and implementation of a sustainability strategy

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Business Learning’s expertise in consulting, innovation and project management helps a large international organization with the critical development and implementation of a sustainability strategy.


With the expectations of corporate responsibility increasing and transparency becoming more prevalent, companies find inherited importance to recognize and foster the need to develop a sustainable direction within the company. Due to the vast expertise and experience of our consultants in leading projects and providing consulting for large organizations, a well-known large international company based in Billund, teamed up with Helle Schmahl from Business Learning to get help with critical development and implementation of a sustainability strategy.


Together with the organization, our consultants designed an implementation roadmap including business and portfolio analyses, conducting insights with consumers, target setting, prioritization and creation of a strategic roadmap, and evaluation of the business impact. Beyond leading the organization throughout the process, our consultants arranged and facilitated two summits for the company’s internal stakeholders and external partners. To get closer to the sustainability agenda, Business Learning also used sustainability exercises and innovation simulations.


The project resulted in great successes, with the organization benefiting from a clear and well-defined sustainability strategy for a 3-year period. Another indication of the program’s triumph is the renewed collaboration between Business Learning and the same company to develop a further sustainability strategy for the coming 3 years.

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