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An authentic example where management support can make a difference to leadership when leading large teams through transformational projects.


With the expansion of the 'Elements' and 'Moulds' area, the number of employed staff has increased. The leadership team urgently required temporary support until they could fill the role permanently.


Due to the project’s imposing scale and based on the senior director’s request, Business Learning onboarded Christina Nørhave Kjær to fill the management support role and to assist with tasks in the leadership team. Given the variation and lacking definition of the tasks, Christina began by establishing a system and weekly meeting cadence with the leadership team to review, differentiate, prioritize, and plan the execution of urgent and ordinary tasks. The support role also involved stakeholder management and alignment, data management and process visualization.


The overall involvement of the support role provided ease on the leadership team's shoulders, as they benefited from an alleviated workload to concentrate on higher priority tasks. The management support allowed the leadership team to focus on the daily management of the employees, while the data management fostered discussions on team performance and served as the basis for risk mitigation.

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