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A business unit identified that their team possessed too much politeness and non-productive conflict, which impacted their team dynamics, efficiency, and collaboration. Business Learning remediated the challenges in a highly interactive development workshop focusing on developing high-performing teams.


The senior director of the business unit desired more inspiration and solutions on how to manage conflict in a global team with twenty-seven different nationalities. The business unit displayed challenges with low levels of directness among members, which negatively influenced the team dynamic, efficiency, and effectiveness of collaboration. Due to Business Learning’s vast experience in creating high-performance teams, both parties agreed to conduct a workshop focusing on the efficiency and effectiveness of healthy team conflict.


Business Learning’s approach was based on the “we ask, they answer” methodology. Following this concept, the team responded to a conflict quiz and participated in a 4-hour inspiration workshop to enhance their conflict capabilities. In the workshop, the participants worked with their quiz results and explored the conflict graph – a visualization about how and where efficient conflict can be found. This approach helped participants understand the repercussions of too much and too little conflict.


The business unit concluded that their team must improve their conflict management, and realized how frightening conflict is for them. The participants thoroughly assessed the current level of conflict that persisted within the team and evaluated how much progress was required to find the right balance in achieving team efficiency. Ultimately, the participants were inspired to be braver and more direct in their conflict.

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