Using MBTI profiling to increase understanding, and unite the digital engineering team

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The senior director of the digital engineering team asked Business Learning to conduct development training for a newly formed global department with employees from Denmark, Hungary, Mexico, and China utilizing the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Profiling (MBTI).


With a newly reorganized area within the digital engineering team, it was crucial to unite the team, improve their common language, and fertilize the knowledge transfer across the departments. Business Learning stepped in to improve the inside collaboration and work ethics by exploring the team members individually and as a group.


Business Learning created a customized program utilizing MBTI profiling at the centre of the 3-day seminar, inclusive of both physical and virtual sessions with the Chinese colleagues. The goal of the MBTI assessment is to allow respondents to explore and understand their personalities, possible career preferences, and compatibility with other people. This development tool was applied to align expectations among the digital engineering team members on how to collaborate, and which roles to play within the sub-departments. Business Learning worked further in more detail with the MBTI profiles on how to effectively communicate and create results and good relationships with other departments. Our consultants also worked with new strategic objectives, conducted analyses and live simulations, and helped facilitate dialogue and relevant decisions for the leadership team.


The digital engineering team became considerably aware of their individual personality traits and were able to develop a closer bond and collaboration with their colleagues that are situated across different countries and within different cultures. They became more inspired and enhanced their capabilities in communicating with customers and colleagues.

Client Testimonial

"Through this very relevant program, I gained valuable insight into myself as a leader and a colleague, using self-evaluation and input from my organization. I then learned how to improve the effectiveness of my work with several tools and methods that I still use today - the learnings from this course have stuck with me since then!

The program led to both professional and personal development that has helped me in my roles as project manager and leader. I especially appreciate the focus on effective collaboration with all levels of the organization - something that is critical for any leadership position. The program was professionally facilitated and actively supported our organization to move forward and create results. Well done!"

– Kevin Reinhart, Project Lead

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