Niels Duedahl
– CEO at SE and Leader of the year

Niels Duedahl CEO at SE and Leader of the year 2013 in Denmark is also demanding on the company culture.

At SE the leadership team is sharp on both results and culture in the company.

The extended leadership team is working in the morning creating results for SE. In the afternoon they are training and competing in a simulation about strategic performance and act according to the 7 SE living rules. A panel of judges comprehending Niels Duedahl and selected leaders from SE are judging while the others create results in a tough competition agains each others and under tremendous pressure.

It all ends celebrating the winning team who were best at the combination of creating results the SE way. Even though it is not always easy there is room for laughing about each others mistakes. One of the SE living rules is exactly about courage to fail and admitting own mistakes so it can improve future performance.