How do you manage power to be an effective leader?

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The multitude of roles of leadership and power are strongly interconnected, although often confused. In the “Power of Leadership” simulation, leaders learn to identify and exercise how their behavior and power can influence and affect the relationships within an organization. Understanding the connections between leadership and power and using it to sharpen the competitive edge of an organization is vital for a leader. As a spin-off, many leaders also learn to better understand their capabilities in followership.

Even though power is a taboo topic for many people, it’s what sets the leader apart from others in the organization. Studies show that effective leaders understand the power and have a need for it. More importantly, they know how to use it to accomplish their assigned goals. Using power effectively is not an easy task - there are many challenges that, if not met, will create disastrous results for individuals and the organization.

The Power of Leadership Simulation addresses:

  • The importance of establishing goals/visions
  • The impact trust has in creating results
  • How to handle employee expectations
  • Competence in constructive fellowship
  • How to give and receive feedback

The Power of Leadership can be used as an independent learning workshop or as a part of a leadership development program. The main benefit is that it can bring reality and context into the teaching of leadership. Since it’s easy to tell a group that a leader should do this or do that, the real challenge is, however, leading under the types of pressure every leader face. Therefore, this simulation focuses on tackling in detail how to lead people when individuals or groups:

  • are jealously competing for scarce resources
  • are resisting changes designed to make the organization more effective
  • are forming unhealthy coalitions based on self-interest and emotion without considering the needs of the organization
  • don’t trust the leaders to use their power to make the best decisions for them or the organization
  • are unable to see the organization as a system

For senior or lower leadership positions, the simulation helps understand the right extent of power one must use in a certain situation and the proper amount that one needs to deflect, in order to maintain the power-leadership balance and move forward the whole organization.

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