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The senior directors of The Lego Group's Elements and Moulds business units turned to Business Learning to lay a strong foundation for a change implementation project. The project included prototyping, managing a facility and factory set-up, stakeholder involvement and alignment, and achieving the desired KPIs of the business case.

Based in Billund, Denmark, The LEGO Group is a privately held toy production company established in 1932, known widely for its interlocking plastic bricks that have inspired creativity, reinvention, and play for over 60 years. Today, the organization has more than 18,000 employees, hubs, manufacturing sites, and retail stores around the world. The LEGO Group area relevant to the low volume moulding case consists of a cross-functional team involving product development for elements and moulds, as well as several areas in engineering, quality, production, planning and master data, finance, and legal.


Faced with a complex transformation due to the newly simplified method of producing and moulding elements, as well as the multiple technological and innovative advancements, the guiding coalition of senior directors of the different areas in Elements and Moulds requested Business Learning's consultants to build and lead the change management case.


Business Learning’s role was to provide program management, explore the business case broadly and in-depth, and provide the structure and moderation of the project governance. Due to the project’s imposing scale and the necessity for fast progress to be made, Business Learning expanded its program team with Christina Nørhave Kjær in the role of management support, as well as Taejha O’Hearn as a student worker for performance management.

First, as a prototype, Business Learning together with The LEGO Group teams built a small moulding hall, which over a year-long period had to demonstrate its conceptual feasibility. The propeller of the change process was the business case approval by The LEGO Group's senior management, which initiated the involvement and alignment of stakeholders in order to achieve the desired case-related KPIs.

The program implied building a small moulding hall in Denmark with the newly designed machines and equipment applicable to the simplified method of moulding. Simultaneously, the project had to develop elements and build the moulds, learning from the associated challenges and thus preparing for global scaling.


The project was finalized with the implementation of breakthrough innovations and technical solutions, where the Elements and Mould area acquired a completely new way of collaborating while designing and creating new elements. The project also resulted in reducing the lead time by 70%, manufacturing moulds with a benefit of 40% compared to the previous year, and also reducing the run time factor by 15% with a one-shift instead of a five-shift operation.

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