LEGO use their new experiences in future projects

At LEGO it is an important part of a project to collect learning and use the experience in the coming projects. Business Learning assists LEGO with collecting the learning in a big IT project.

Even though it is expensive to bring in people from all over the world at the ending of a project it is worth is to build the learning in to the coming projects. At an After Action Review learning is collected on topics that went well as well as topics that could improve. Also an After Action Review looks ahead to build the learning into the goals and actions for the coming project and assessing the risks. From time to time the success comes along with a bit of luck how ever in the next project we better make sure it was not luck sais the LEGO Project Manager.IMG_1695

Actions for next phase of the project are written in to a pistol plan. This is an individual plan that each participant takes with them to the next project. Project Management also collect some of the general learning and bring them to the steering committee.

In the AAR is of course incorporated an exercise with LEGO bricks to illustrate the AAR process. We need to play if we want to live up to the values about experimental learning says the Project Manager with at grin.

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