Success in projects is paramount for Semco Maritime

Semco Maritime are executing projects for their customers and they are really good at it! Success in projects is essential for Semco Maritime

In order to be even sharper top 65 at Semco Maritime has taken upon them the challenge to plan and execute a project where a technical installation needs to be repaired and extended.

The participants are grouped in teams of 3 – 4. Each team are solving the same task. There is an intense competition going on in planning, executing and leading the projects to success. The goals to be reached are: Cost, plan, quality & motivation in the project team.

The simulation focuses on project leadership by letting the participants choose one of three options in a project leadership dilemma. The decisions have to be taken under some pressure while the phone is ringing, e-mails are received and the clock is ticking.

Half way there is a status in the project teams. Here learning is collected and a steering group meeting is conducted.

At the end there is only one team who has solved the challenge a little better than the others and there is taken a picture of the winning team.

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