The Human Capital Challenge

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In Belgium Business Learning attended a Train the Trainer seminar with the brand new simulation ”The Human Capital Challenge”

The Human Capital Challenge is a simulation training the relation between the human capital and the performance of the company. It is the worlds leading simulations in showing the connection between a business strategy and the derived HR strategy. If the company fails in time to attract, educate, promote and retain the right people the company will end up in problems with the business strategy.

One of the features in the simulation is that the virtual employees are moving through the competence/performance matrix both at employee and leader level. Here each competing team in the simulation actively needs to decide how to handle the situation when there are to many or to few qualified employees in the different business units.

There are several simulations rounds and the team can monitor how the company is developing and how they are doing compared to the competing companies.

Find out if you can manage strategic HR related to your Business Strategy.

If you want to know more about The Human Capital Challenge you are welcome to contact Business Learning.