Seminar creates better leadership at VVS Søberg

At VVS Søberg the leaders develop together through a sequence of seminars closely aligned to the Søberg strategy.

Leadership awareness and organizational adaptiveness are crucial to succeed in a very competitive market for VVS Søberg who is a multi-tech company with business and clients all over Denmark. The challenge faced by VVS Søberg is how to build efficient and effective management through leadership and transformative strategies while facing a company shift.

In leadership seminars with their middle and upper management profiles we focused on what qualities of competence and commitment needed to be developed in order to attain a synergic, communicative and cooperative structure within the company. We know close collaboration is crucial, offering blended learning methods to redesign VVS Søberg’s approach to successful communication and leadership roles within the workplace say CFO Henrik Windfeld. By combining both our strengths we are able to ensure the senior managers from VVS Søberg have the ability to inject the practical learning into their own culture and practices while uncovering and developing their leadership potential.

“I’ve done this a long time, but now I’m getting into the layers of what it all means.”

Max Hansen, VVS Søberg

The leaders of VVS Søberg now have a strong insight to understanding when, and how to change their leadership style, what leadership strategy fits each new paradigm, and how to effectively and efficiently communicate and interact with one another to create a synergic workplace.

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